Leftover Food Policy

In order to comply with the department of health, state and local health regulations, perishable food will not be permitted to be taken away from any catered event. This applies to both clients and their guests.

Waiver Conditions

Permission is granted when:

  • UD Catering cannot provide a particular item
  • A group is attempting to raise money for a nationally recognized charitable organization through food donations
Groups requesting an outside vendor must do so three weeks prior to their scheduled event. For groups requesting non-standard menu items, a tasting will be held before the waiver is granted. All tasting recipes/menus must also be submitted to UD Catering three weeks prior to their scheduled event. If the group is not satisfied with the prepared menu, a waiver will be granted.

If permission is granted for an outside vendor, the vendor must:
  • Agree to and sign the Vendor Warranty Policy
  • Provide proof of the required liability insurance ($5,000,000 combined)
  • Food cannot be resold
  • Food/ beverages should not be given to the general public
The waiver is revoked if the outside vendor does not meet the above requirements and if the required information is not submitted by the determined deadline.

Please direct all waiver requests to UD Catering at (302)-831-3374 or UDcatering@udel.edu.

Small Campus Events

As of August 2014, the University of Delaware policy on the use of external catering services on campus was changed to provide UD departments with additional options.

Departments are now allowed to seek alternative catering services for small, on campus University departmental events with approximately 30 attendees or less.

UD Catering can still provide catering service for events of this size; the policy change was designed to provide added flexibility for smaller catered events.

For all events exceeding the 30-guest limit, event planners should continue to use the on-campus services provided by the UD Catering team.