How does a meal plan work?

A meal plan unlocks delicious meals, coffee, snacks, and more, across campus. Dining Services offers on-campus meal plans for students living on campus. We also provide off-campus meal plans for students who live off campus, commute to campus or students who live in University Courtyard, One Easton and family housing.


Do I need to buy a meal plan? 

All students living in a traditional on-campus residence hall are required to purchase one of the available on-campus meal plans, except students living in University Courtyard, One Easton or family housing. Students required to purchase a meal plan will be automatically assigned and billed for the 14 Weekly default plan. Students who will be living off campus or in University Courtyard and family housing are not required to purchase a meal plan, but still have the option to sign up for an on-campus meal planoff-campus meal plan or All Points plan.


What if I want to change my meal plan? 

Students living on campus can choose to keep the 14 Weekly or change their plan to another on-campus meal plan through September 13, 2022 for Fall 2022 by completing the Dining Plan Change Request form, in UDSIS, at


Is there a recommended or most popular meal plan? 

There isn't one! The default plan is the 14 Weekly; however, we offer a variety of plans to fit every appetite. Detailed descriptions of our meal plans can be viewed here.


What is included with a meal plan? 

Your meal plan includes meals and points conveniently loaded onto your UD ONEcard. Off-campus meal plans either include meals and points (Block plans), or a large balance of points with no meals (All Points plans). To learn more about meal plans check out Meal Plans 101.


What is a meal?

This fall, meals give you access to our all-you-care-to-eat residential dining locations - the centrally-located Caesar Rodney Fresh Food Company, Russell Dining Hall on East Campus  and Pencader Dining Hall on Laird Campus. Meals can be used anytime throughout the day on your own schedule. Meals are non-transferable and can only be used by the meal plan holder. Meals do not rollover. Any meals remaining at the end of a given week, or at the end of the semester, will expire.


What is meal exchange?

Meal exchange can be used to purchase meals beyond the dining halls. Meal plan holders can "exchange" a meal swipe for a preset combo meal option in select retail locations on-campus. Meal Exchange is available at seven participating locations: Chick-fil-A, The Spread, Greens to Go, Stomping Grounds, Ecogrounds, The Den by Denny's, and Flip Kitchen. Meal Exchange hours and Meal Exchange amount are dependent on the meal plan type.

  • Premium All Access or the 125 Block Plan have access to two meal exchanges per day, extending from 7:30am to 8:30pm. The first Meal Exchange can be utilized from 7:30am-5:30pm and the second Meal Exchange can be used from 5:30pm-8:30pm. 

  • All Access, 14 Weekly, 175 Block, 80 Block, & 35 Block have access to one meal exchange per day, extending from 5:30pm-8:30pm. 

What is a meal period?

Meal periods are designated meal times in the residential dining locations and they align with each locations’ specific hours. Monday through Friday, students can eat during breakfast, lunch and dinner. On weekends, students can enjoy brunch and dinner.


What are points? 

One point is equivalent to one dollar, and they decline like money on a debit card. They are accepted throughout campus and can be added by visiting Points will rollover within an academic year from summer sessions, fall semester & winter sessions through to the spring semester. However, points will expire after the final day of spring semester. You receive a 10% discount on any purchase made with points.


What are guest meals? 

Guest meals can typically be used to treat friends or family to a meal in a dining hall. Each on campus meal plan and voluntary Block plans include 5 guest meals.


Do meals and points rollover? 

Meals do not rollover. Any meals remaining at the end of a given week, or at the end of the semester, will expire. Points will rollover within an academic year from summer sessions, fall semester & winter sessions through to the spring semester. However, points will expire after the final day of spring semester.


What happens if my meals or points run out? 

Meals can't be added during the semester; however, if you still want to access the all-you-care-to-eat residential dining locations, you can enter by paying at the door. Points can be added to your meal plan throughout the semester by visiting


How does Grubhub Campus Dining work?

Members of the campus community can order food for pick-up from participating on-campus restaurants using the Grubhub app. It’s a quick and safe way to order and pay for on-campus food, with dining points, Flex or credit card, from any mobile device. Instead of waiting in line, UD students, faculty and staff should order ahead through the Grubhub app and pick up their food. For those who already have the Grubhub app, follow these steps: Open the Grubhub app, go to My Grubhub and under Settings, choose Campus dining; confirm the campus – University of Delaware; add campus card using your UD credentials; and browse restaurants on campus and start ordering. For those who don’t have the Grubhub app, download and sign up for the Grubhub app here, and then follow the steps above.


How does Home Chef work?

You can eat on campus and cook at home with our partner, Home Chef. When you add Home Chef to your meal plan you will receive an email two weeks after the beginning of the semester with a unique code and instructions to redeem your $120 voucher on These funds are then available through Home Chef for you to use as they see fit at any time in the future. Home Chef will ship your meal kit(s) to the address you designate. The $120 credit for the meal kit is non-refundable. This option is best for students that can get packages delivered directly to their door and who have a kitchen.

How do I know my current meal plan balances? 

Students can see their remaining balance of meals after each entry into the residential dining locations. Points balances are displayed on registers after each transaction. Students can also check their meal plan balances online in UDSIS.


Can I arrange for a meal if I am sick? 

Of course! If you are experiencing an illness or injury that does not allow you to attend a regular meal service at one of the residential dining halls, you may arrange to have a meal prepared at one of the dining halls and picked up by an authorized roommate or friend per our policy.


Can I arrange for a meal if I am not cleared to use campus facilities? 

If you are not cleared to utilize campus facilities as a result of the University of Delaware Daily Health Check, you may order a meal from the dining halls and designate a roommate, friend or UD staff member to pick it up, or you may pick up a pre-packaged meal yourself using designated entrances, per our policy.


How many dining locations are on campus? 

Dining Services typically operates 3 residential, all-you-care-to-eat dining locations, 2 food courts with a variety of restaurants, 5 markets, 5 coffee shops & bakeries, snack bars and concessions at both the Whitney Athletic Center and Bob Carpenter Center.


Where are the locations where I can use meals? 

You can use meals at our residential, all-you-care-to-eat dining locations centrally-located Caesar Rodney Fresh Food Company, Russell Dining Hall on East Campus and Pencader Dining Hall on Laird Campus.


How do I know which locations are open and when? 

Our hours of operation, as well as seasonal hour changes, can be viewed by visiting Locations & Menus.


Can I use my meal plan off campus or on Main Street? 

No, University of Delaware meal plans are only redeemable at on-campus dining locations and cannot be used at eateries on Main Street or at any other off-campus restaurants.


Can I view menus before entering the residential dining locations? 

Yes! Daily menus for each residential dining location and can be viewed by visiting Locations & Menus.


If I have a dietary restriction or food allergy, how can I check to make sure the food I'm eating is safe?

Dining Services works hard to accommodate students with dietary restrictions due to food allergies or intolerances. You can check ingredient and allergen statements online for menu items served in our residential dining locations. You can also set up a consultation with our registered dietitian, Debbi Miller, by email at to learn more about dining options that fit your needs. 

Caesar Rodney Fresh Food Company and Pencader Dining also have True Balance Allergen Solutions stations, which further accommodate students and guests with food allergies and gluten intolerances. The menus for True Balance have been carefully designed to eliminate the top eight food allergens: milk, eggs, crustacean shellfish, fin fish, tree nuts, peanuts, soy and wheat/gluten.


Are there kosher options on campus?

Yes! There is an OU-certified kosher station in our Caesar Rodney Fresh Food Company. P.O.D. Markets also offer an assortment of pre-packaged kosher items. Hillel at the Kristol Center for Jewish Life provides holiday meals as part of the student's participation on a meal plan. Shabbat dinner is provided free of charge.


Can I find food options on campus if I don't eat meat?

There are designated vegan and flexitarian stations in Caesar Rodney Fresh Food Company. Pencader & Russell Dining Halls also serve vegan options throughout each meal. You'll know if a menu item is vegan by the nutrition ID card displayed near the item. The cards include Just4U Nutrition Highlights - colorful icons that make it easy to identify and select the best options for you.


Can I ensure a specific food item is made without gluten?

There is a designated allergen solutions station, True Balance, in our Caesar Rodney Fresh Food Company and Pencader Dining Hall. The P.O.D. Markets also offer an assortment of pre-packaged made without gluten items.